About Us


Essential Fashion

Our company’s awakening thought every day is “Satisfaction, Satisfaction, and Satisfaction”.

We have an accumulated fashion knowledge base of over 30 years. We have kept our eyes on trends, styles, brands, and quality.  With this gathering of knowledge, we are a company prepared to bring you (“Our Friends”), shoes, purses and accessories that elevate your fashion IQ, while conserving your hard earned money. 


What's On Fleek

Each month we will “Spotlight” a shoe, design , or accessory  that is a current “Trendsetter”. The item will beof high quality, great durability, and is basically a financially “Smart Buy”. The Spotlight itemsholds an “On Sale “price for 3 weeks. After 3 weeks the item will be returned to the catalog page at its regular selling price. However, a new “Spotlight” item will be presented, at an “On Sale” price for 3 weeks. This cycle will repeat 3 every weeks.


New Brands

We want to introduce you to brands that you may have overlooked. Perhaps the brand is not available in your area because of demographics, perhaps the purse is not sold in your local mall because it is sold at another mall 40 miles away, or because the brand just never caught your eye. Well…keep your eye on Essential Fashions, because we will always be ahead of season, and thinking ahead for “YOU”!


Two Plus Two Equals $25

Our Two Plus Two catalog page features products we have brought back into the fashion spotlight, at a reduced cost. The idea here is that fashion repeats itself, so we want you to have a head start.  Every product in the Two Plus Two Equals $25

 catalog page may be purchased at a single price of $25, or any two products where the Essential Fashion logo( ) appears can be paired with another product, with the Essential Fashion logo( ) at the price of  $25 for the two products. Remember, if there is no logo next to the shoe, it has a single cost of $25. Products purchased from the Two Plus Two Equals $25 catalog  has a No Return or Exchange policy.  However, we understand there are isolated situations when this policy should be challenged. Contact our Customer Service department at customerservice@essentialfashions.net when this occurs.


Shoe 101

Shoe 101 is the page you want to review every month. Here we help you understand terms related to the materials used to make shoes and purses. Terms such as leather versus leatherette, and nubuck versus suede. This page is also an informative page. We will provide details on product manufacturing, labor factories, and even orthopedic suggestions. So please, take a moment and send a request to become a member of the Facebook group “Friends of Essential Fashions” here, you will be notified when a new topic is being introduced on this page. 



In the Future

We are meeting with distributors who specialize in men and women shoes sizes 4,6 ,11, 14 and up. So send a request to join the Facebook group “Friends of Essential Fashions” so you’ll be the first to shop this specialized category.




Men and Children Shoes

We dare not forget the men and children in our lives. So check with us weekly to see what we have come up with for you.